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Sprinter Projects

Comox Marine & Woodworking specializes in Sprinter Van conversions.

The project pages will follow individual vans through the process from start to finish.

Simply click on one of the project pages and then scroll through to view the progression.

Not only do we undertake camper van conversions, we also do mobile offices.

If you are considering going mobile with your office, give us a call.

Ideal mobile offices could be dental, veterinary, optician, library among many others.

We will be highlighting certain projects we undertake in this section.


Obviously the cost of a conversion is extremely important, as a budget has to be developed.

Because each of our conversions is unique and based on a customers desires, the cost is totally dependent on this. The overall cost is dependent on what systems and finishings are requested.

Our conversions are based on components and we work various components into the clients budget to achieve the best value and comfort possible.

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